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BackWoods Landing is now carrying Duck Commander Products

Check out our discount prices on our duck calls and other Duck Commander products!

We ship all of the Duck Commander Calls and Videos.

If you want a duck commander call that we don't have in stock let us know and we will order it for you.

The new Shadow Duck Call  $23

Triple Threat  $35

Resurrection DVD $15

The new Best of the Duckmen $15

Si Hey Coffee Mugs  $10

Happy Happy Happy Mugs $10

SI Cups $7


Premium Wood 1972 Series

                duck calls                

Bocote  $65  

out of stock

Gunning Series Duck Calls

duck calls                                   duck commander

              The Sarge   $29                    Green Mile   $29            


    duck calls                                   duck commander     

  Duck Picker  $29                     Brown Sugar  $29


Classic Series Duck Calls

discount duck calls                       duck commander

Classic Commander  $39          Ole Raspy  $17     




Specialty Series Duck Calls

duck commander                      duck call

     Wood Duck  $17                   Pintail/Widgeon  $9


duck calls                      duck commander

Mallard Drake  $17                 Gadwall Drake  $17


Backwoods Landing Has The Best Prices On Duck Calls Anywhere!


Duck Hunting Videos

duck hunting videos                  duck commander videos

The Art of Commanding Ducks II                    Fear The Beard                   

$10                                              $10

We have several other videos in stock including the new ones.


The Duck Commander videos and CD's are the best way to learn how to duck hunt, while at home or in the truck.


duck commander


Duck Commander Clothing and Hats Are Available



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