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Our Crawdad boats were designed by Backwoods Landing and are built by Weldbilt.  We designed the boats for hunting flooded timber, although they can be used for other purposes.  They have the v front for getting through the trees but they also have a true flat bottom for stability and getting into shallow water.  They have 20" sides and a 16" transom.  There is storage in the rear seats and storage under the front deck in the 42" and 48" bottom boats. 


48" Bottom Crawdads

1648-Crawdad II with Backwoods Lights



duck boats

1436 Crawdad $1695

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add $200 for camo



duck boats

1748 Crawdad II  $3345

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1648 Crawdad II $3095

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1548-Crawdad $2945

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42" Bottom Crawdads

weldbilt boats

1442 Crawdad $2845

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aluminum duck boat

1542 Crawdad $2795

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1642 Crawdad


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small duck boats

Weldbilt 1436 Crawdad, 7hp Electric Start Copperhead Mud Motor, Galvanized trailer, and Gun Box/Grab Bar

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