Aluminum Jon Boats

 Backwoods Landing has the best prices on Aluminum Jon Boats in the country!

  Let us customize your Weldbilt or EDGE

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We have several Weldilt 1752-V's in stock with the split seats.  Pics coming soon.


weldbilt duck boat weldbilt jon boats
Weldbilt 1752F $3995  Weldbilt 1752F  $3715
ser#28388  21" transom ser#28489  21" transom

jon boats

edge boats
Weldbilt  1752V $14k range EDGE 756  $5795
Call To Reserve call to reserve

weldbilt boats

edge 753
Weldbilt 1752V $4200 EDGE 753 Gamekeeper $6290
ser#28690  21" transom Call To Reserve

aluminum boats

duck boats
Weldbilt 1752F $3255 Weldbilt 1752V  $3905
sold out sold out

jon boats

weldbilt boats
Weldbilt  1752V  $4000 Weldbilt 1752V $3805
ser#28691  21" transom
ser#28678  21" transom



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