Aluminum Jon Boats

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weldbilt boats duck boats
Weldbilt   1648V   $3509 Weldbilt 1652V $3844
ser#28330  16" transom ser#28322  21" transom


Edge Duck Boats
Weldbilt  1648F     $2817 EDGE 656  $4745
ser#27661  16" transom ser#35912  20" transom

aluminum duck boats

weldbilt boats
Weldbilt 1648V  $3302 Weldbilt  1652V   $3466
ser#28124  16" transom Call To Reserve

duck boats

weldbilt boats
EDGE 656 Sportsman $3895
Weldbilt  1652V   $3909
ser#36123  20" transom Ser#28328  21" transoms

weldbilt boats

weldbilt boats
Weldbilt  1648F    $2837 Weldbilt  1652F   $2386
ser#27879  16" transom call to reserve

duck boats

weldbilt boats
1648 Crawdad III $3195 Weldbilt 1648V  $3349
call to reserve
ser#28326  16" transom

edge gamekeeper

aluminum boats
EDGE 653 Gamekeeper $6055 Weldbilt 1652V  $3819
Call To Reserve
Price includes shipping to BWL
ser#28323  16" transom

aluminum boat

edge duck boats
Weldbilt 1652V $3819 EDGE 656 $12227
ser#28324  21" transom call to reserve


weldbilt boats  weldbilt duck boats
Weldbilt 1648F  $2397 Weldbilt  1648V  $4007
Call to reserve
ser#27658  21" transom

jon boats

weldbilt boats
Weldbilt 1648V $3027  Weldbilt  1652V  $3366
call to reserve call to  reserve

duck boats

weldbilt boats
Weldbilt 1652F  $3496 Weldbilt 1652F  $3366
ser#28131  16" transom Call To Reserve

jon boats

jon boats
Weldbilt 1648F  $3267 Weldbilt 1652V  $3466
ser#28130  16" transom
gun box is optional
call to reserve

aluminum duck boats

weldbilt jon boats
Weldbilt 1648V $3577 Weldbilt 1648-F  $2547
Call To Reserve ser#26852  16" transom

weldblt boat

all welded boats
Weldbilt 1648-V  $3169 Weldbilt 1648-F  $3047
ser#28325  16" transom call to reserve




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