Aluminum Jon Boats

Aluminum Duck Boats by WeldBilt


duck boats


The Crawdad Duck Boats were designed by duck hunters for duck hunters.  We wanted a boat that would be perfect for hunting the flooded timber in Arkansas.  Something that wasn't too big to fit between the trees but something wide enough to still float shallow and carry a decent load.  It has a vee front to snake between the trees but a true flat bottom for stability and getting into the shallowest water possible.  We also wanted something pretty open and with some storage.  The front bow seat has an opening for a small battery or life jackets.  The left side has a 72" gun boxes.  The right side is a storage box. This 1548 Crawdad Duck Boat is 48" in the bottom with 20" sides.  It is perfect for a small outboard or a small light weight mud motor.



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