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duck boats duck boats
 1548 Crawdad  $3145  Weldbilt  1548F   $3078
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jon boats

duck boat
Weldbilt  1548V $2678 Weldbilt  1542V   $2618
ser#26847  16" transom
$100 OFF
ser#26934  16" transom

duck boats

aluminum jon boats
Weldbilt   1548F  $2428 Weldbilt  1548V   $2828
ser#27449  16" transom Call To Reserve


duck boats
1548 Crawdad   $2945 Weldbilt  1548F   $2828
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weldbilt boats

duck boats
Weldbilt 1548V   $2828 Weldbilt 1552V   $2790
ser#27063  16"transom Call To Reserve

jon boats   

weldbilt boats
 Weldbilt 1548F  $2578   Weldbilt  1548F  $1878
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aluminum duck boat

duck boat
1542 Crawdad  $2795 Weldbilt 1548-V $2428
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weldbilt boats

 jon boats
Weldbilt  1548-V  $2428 Weldbilt 1548-V  $3058
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Backwoods Trailers Starting at $999


Take a look at some of our options that we can add to any boat

engel cooler backpack

 Discount prices on Engel Coolers



   Best Prices on Jon Boats anywhere!

Backwoods Landing offers all types of accessories and rigging to your jon boat.  We offer Minn Kota and Motor Guide trolling motors in transom and bow mount.  All brands of depth finders.  We sell camo seats, life jackets, bilge pumps, aerators, and just about anything else that you might want in your boat.  Let us add a Tohatsu or Nissan outboard to your boat or a Copperhead Mud Motor.  We camo the boats and wire them for lights.  Let us know if we can help you rig out your Duck Boat or Fishing Boat.






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