Aluminum Jon Boats

We will no longer be able to purchase certain Weldbilt models.  They will be highlighted.  Get them while you can!

We can customize your Weldbilt or EDGE to fit your needs. 

Custom Options


edge duck boats weldbilt boats
Edge 553 DB Sportsman $3995  Weldbilt  1548V   $2958
ser#36222  21" transom ser#28386  16" transom
Sale Price $2858

edge boats

weldbilt boats
EDGE 553 $4490 +S&H Weldbilt  1548F  $2058
Call To Reserve ser#28496  16" transom
Sale Price $1858

edge 553 gamekeeper

aluminum jon boats
Edge 553 Gamekeeper $6195 Weldbilt  1548V   $2958
ser#36221  21" transom Call To Reserve

edge 553

duck boats
EDGE 553  $3445 Weldbilt  1548F   $2828
Call To Reserve sold out

weldbilt boats

jon boats
Weldbilt 1548V   $3019 Weldbilt 1552V   $3220
ser#28329  16" transom sold out

jon boats   

Edge duck boat
 Weldbilt 1548F  $2578   EDGE 550 $4595 boat only
 Call To Reserve Call To Reserve

aluminum duck boat

duck boat
1542 Crawdad II $2795 Weldbilt 1548-V $2428
sold out  Call To Reserve

weldbilt boats

 jon boats
Weldbilt  1548-V  $2428 Weldbilt 1548-V  $3058
sold out sold out





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