Aluminum Jon Boats

We specialize in All Welded Aluminum Duck Boats and All Welded Aluminum Jon Boats.  All of our boats are made by Weldbilt.

Order you Copperhead Mud Motor through us soon to not have any delays.

We are extremely low on stock boats right now.  If what you want says sold out please call ASAP.  For example we got 20 boats few weeks ago and 19 were sold.  If you don't let me know what you want this time of year you may be waiting a while for us to by chance get what you want.  If it is a boat that I plan to stock anyways then you are not held to that boat if you don't like it when it arrives.  This applies to stock boats only.



 weldbilt duck boats

1752-V Weldbilt & 50hp Tohatsu


sold out


 Final Attack Sale

$449 plus tax


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Backwoods LED Lights for our Weldbilt Duck Boats

Aluminum jon boats

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welded duck boats



Copperhead Mud Motors


6.5 Hp $2,595  80 lbs LCT Engine

    7 Hp  $2,695 rope start  90 lbs  Kohler

2100  (420 cc)  $3,095  110 lbs  Briggs

14 Hp (429 cc)  $3,345  Electric Start  126 lbs Kohler

18 Hp  $3,995  135 lbs Briggs

18hp   $4,295  150 lbs Kohler

23 hp  $4,475  140 lbs Briggs


 mud motors for duck boats



jon boats