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Aluminum Jon Boats

We specialize in All Welded Aluminum Duck Boats and Aluminum Jon Boats.  All of our boats are made by Weldbilt.

Closed Saturdays for Hunting Season


duck boats

Drake 1648  $3995

on backorder

engel coolers

Engel 35 qt $220

backwoods landing tumblers

Check out our new tumblers



6.5 Hp $2,595  80 lbs LCT Engine

    7 Hp  $2,695 rope start  90 lbs  Kohler

14 Hp (429 cc)  $3,345  Electric Start  126 lbs Kohler

18 Hp  $3,995  135 lbs Briggs

 23 hp  $4,475  140 lbs Briggs


 mud motors for duck boats


backwoods trailers

Backwoods Sportsman Trailer


jon boats


 weldbilt duck boats

1752-V Weldbilt & 50hp Tohatsu


Call for availability on Rigs


Backwoods Options


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Backwoods LED Lights for our Weldbilt Duck Boats

Aluminum jon boats

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welded duck boats